Computer refuses to boot? Could be HDMI cable!

Just a quick note as it may help others.

I just tried connecting a second screen to one of my computers via the HDMI port on the motherboard.

The first cable I tried did not seem to work at all. I assumed that the HDMI port may be in a power saving inactive state if it did not have anything connected to it. When I rebooted my computer to fix this the computer refused to boot! In fact it did not complete the normal BIOS check, just sat there with 2 blank screens.

If something suddenly fails to work it is always a good diagnostic step to undo the thing you just did.

I removed the HDMI cable and the computer booted perfectly.

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Hybrids and London Congestion Charging – a cautionary tail.

I drive a Toyota Yaris Hybrid and am on the whole pretty pleased with it. The combined petrol & electric drive comes into its own in the snails-pace traffic crawl that is becoming all too common on our roads. If fact if you are not encountering such traffic on a regular basis owing a Hybrid is not such a no-brainer choice. I found this out with a long motorway cruse the extra weight of all the hybrid cleverness makes motorway speed petrol consumption not particularly impressive, certainly not compared to the 60MPG that can be achieved in heavy traffic.

Other advantages to hybrid cars are zero rated VED or “Road Tax” as it is most commonly known and also as I was told, exemption from the London Congestion Charge.

I have owned the car for some 18 months and it was only last Monday I had occasion to drive into “The Zone”. The reason for this rather than taking the train as I would usually do was that I was going to an interview that I was told was in one place only to be updated that it was a Central London location when I was already so far into the journey that coming all the way back & taking the train would have made me late.

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