Some thoughts on Solar Power

This is something I wrote back in 2014 – thought it needed a wider audience.

The Solar Power Economy

What amazes me is that it is not mandatory for any new build house or other building with a south facing roof not to have it covered in solar panels as an intrinsic non negotiable part of the design. There is a whole estate of new housing going up near me (on the site of an old hospital) NOT ONE solar panel to be seen.

Yes, sunny deserts like the Sahara would be the most efficient for generation, and one could argue that unlike a lot of human interventions a solar array would actually enhance the local ecology by providing abundant shade. Clever design would also help the panels to help condense morning mists into usable water too. HOWEVER long distance power transit is another big cost. Letting people have local control over their solar power is a far more practical idea. Also many maximally sunny parts of the world are not the most politically stable so a HUGE solar array investment that people thousands of miles away depend on may be risky.

Giving up viable farm land to solar is not ideal (we need to eat too) so the next stage after roofing is the areas that have already been lost to agriculture i.e. roads, footpaths and other paved spaces.

IF this catches the public mood that we get momentum of people that want this and are willing to deploy it on their own land the costs will inevitably fall.

The pitch for the Solar “Freakin” Roadway is that a panel on the roof has one function, to generate power. There is NO other utility to it (it is putting extra weight on your roof, something to worry about in bad weather etc etc.) The road panels have so many secondary uses too.

The really important factor here is that they are ones that still have value even if mass solar deployment pushes the resale price of the power towards zero (which will have a HUGE positive effect on the prospects for the human race as a whole).

Remember it is the FEAR of this affecting their profits that has made the big energy corporations drag their feet over alternative energy for DECADES. They love the people to have the idea that bills only ever go up! WHY should this be the case?

Child Abuse in Football: The FA is not Matchfit

An urgent communication from the Whiteflowers Campaign – reproduced here as received by me just with a bit of tidying from email to blog form: See also 19th December update at the end.

The Football Association was forced to replace the head of its inquiry into child abuse in football within ten days. At least the toppled Kate Gallafent QC can claim that she lasted longer than then-Home Secretary Theresa May’s first child abuse inquiry appointee, Judge Butler Sloss.

The bookies may yet offer odds on how long Gallafent’s replacement, Clive Sheldon QC will last. If the FA wishes to get to the bottom of what happened then it may appear strange to many survivors when they appoint a man whom the Jewish Chronicle recently highlighted as having a “record of defending the establishment”

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What is known about Pizzagate is in a state of flux at the moment so this blog entry is likely to change over time.

Firstly what is “Pizzagate”? If you believe the Mainstream Media such as the Washington Post this is just the prime example of the term that they have newly coined of Fake News.

And here is a great David Icke Videocast about the worrying new trend of “Fake News” – VERY 1984!

IMPORTANT UPDATE FEB 2017 – a CBS journalist, Ben Swann, has covered the Pizzagate story without the normal rubbishing of it the Mainstream media usually does and afterwards HAS VANISHED from the Internet, his Facebook account has gone, his website is password protected, someone is trying (but failing) to keep a lid on this:


If you search of “Pizzagate” on Google you will find on the first page of results the above Washington post article debunking it and this supposedly old and irrelevant story from the BBC. Something really odd about Google’s result ranking all of a sudden that a 2014 football article makes the first page of results! Something very odd about this. The Wayback machine has the page from 2014 – mentioning “Pizzagate” BUT there are only THREE samples taken since 2014. Another BBC sport site I tried about the 2014 FA Cup final had 8 samples taken. Other sites have many more than this. Was it ever called “Pizzagate” at all? The 2010 version of the “Battle of the Buffet” Wikipedia page DOES NOT MENTION PIZZAGATE – “pizza” is just used once in the whole article.

Someone else has spotted how odd this is!

There have also been a banning of the Pizzagate “SubReddit” on the Reddit site and even accusations that #Pizzagate and the many related tags have been prevented from trending on Twitter in spite of huge public interest and discussion. Pizzagate researchers are so ticked off with the behaviour of Twitter that many of them are moving their research efforts onto the fledgling platform, itself only still in beta but with strong promises of respecting free speech. I myself have joined (come say Hi)- when I applied there were 1.3 MILLION people ahead of me – but I got my invite just a few hours later the same day so do not be put off my this. Another important place that Pizzagate research is happening is on Voat.

Ok so what IS Pizzagate.

During the hard fought US Election campaign Wikileaks was given access to thousands of mails from John Podesda’s gmail account. This was not a particularly clever hack as it turned out that he was really lousy at selecting passwords. As well as lots of inside knowledge about the way that the Clinton’s were conducting the campaign some researchers started to notice that some of the emails referring to food were rather ‘odd’. When it was revealed from an FBI document that paedophiles use various food related terms as code words these strange emails started to make some sense.

Lots of people have been digging hard on this and rather than just a turgid rehashing I suggest you watch some videos to get up to speed. There are at the time of writing there are nearly 85,000 videos posted about this subject! (UPDATE 13th Dec – its 181,000 now).

This is the most watched one at the moment (with nearly half a million hits): – UPDATE 13th December – Oh that seems to have been TAKEN DOWN NOW!

So in short Pizzagate is the hard evidence in the form of incriminating emails that has lead to a massive detective effort to find associations between people that really should not be there and are highly likely to be for the same sort of nefarious purposes as those between Jimmy Saville and members of the elite here in the UK.

Of course once the truth gets out the only way to counter it is by spreading half truths and lies, so it is up to everyone to be very selective about what you consider to be true and what could be just fake to “muddy the waters”.

Good advice here is for everyone to keep local copies of any evidence that they find. Videos have been disappearing form various sites including Vmieo and Youtube – often “Copyright” is used as an excuse for censorship. Several of the videos cited in this early Pastebin collation of Pizzagate information have already been removed on such grounds.

We know from our own experience in the UK that those with a lot to loose will stop at nothing to keep a lid on this all coming out. See my post 114missingfiles for lots of the broadcasts I have made of UK Child Abuse survivors giving their testimonies.

Are we going to permit more children to be raped and murdered?

This is a decision we ALL must make.

UPDATE 13th December 2016

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – the great philosopher Voltaire said this and how true it is about Pizzagate!

In the last few days we have had the Pope come out saying that an interest in such “scandal” is akin to having a desire to eat shit. This is from the head of a church that has paid out BILLIONS in compensation to victims of paedophile priests!

No matter what Internet search engine you use including ones I would have thought more honest like duckduckgo you find that search results for Pizzagate are now totally stuffed with pieces decrying it as “fake news” and “conspiracy theory”. A big part of this is the huge meal made of the Comet Pizza Gunman and how he is now going to be charged with Federal crimes. Classic diversion tactic.

Even Wikipedia is dismissing Pizzagate offhand as a (debunked) conspiracy theory but the section on how it has been debunked is pathetic to say the least – all just footnotes, no actual explanation as to why these people are not guilty.

Looks like Voltare had it dead right! Why now? Why not during the Franklin Scandal? Maybe the Internet was not developed enough then to be seen as a threat to those in power?

Such a HUGE amount of effort to try to divert the public away from studying Pizzagate and no effort at all to question the ultra powerful about what they mean by the very odd language in use in the original Wilileaks revealed emails and the long trail of (mostly now hastily removed) social media posts as the ring bragged about what they were up to, hiding in plain sight.


Ok as the original video I linked seems to have gone here are the current top 3 views ones as of 13th December.

2.1 million views

(Comments are good though)

1.8 million views

Too bad I cannot understand Spanish.


An attempt to mock – but backfires.

And just out of the top 3 with just over half a million views:

You will find that many of the 181,000 and growing pizzagate related videos are just ordinary people, some of them going on camera for the first time, just to show their utter revulsion with what these people have been up to.

Windows on the World – just how much is Pentonville worth?

No I have not been playing Monopoly, but it looks like the government is.
I have been doing some work with Mark Windows recently, appearing in some recent episodes of Windows on the World including this piece about the goings on at Pentonvlle prison in London.

I could not help laughing, you will too. However there are serious questions to be asked. Who stands to gain if Pentonville is no longer a prison?

Urgent action needed on the Snoopers Charter

Last week the UK got potentially the most draconian surveillance powers in the world. Only Royal Assent is now needed before the Investigatory Powers Act becomes law.

In a dangerous world, the only way we can protect our civil liberties is by sacrificing them
Thanks to Martin Shovel for permission to use this

Teresa May has tried several times to get her “Snoopers Charter” past, each time beaten back by huge public pressure. Now with everything else going on they have managed to sneak it into law.

What can you do?

Firstly there is this petition which has nearly 150,000 signatures and rising fast calling for the repeal of this ridiculous law.

Secondly everyone who uses the Internet can start taking measures to protect your privacy e.g. with a VPN to outside of the UK, or alternatively swamp the system with random web visits etc. making it impossible for them to collect the volume of data if millions of us do it. Maybe this can be a new area of software development? Software that sits on your computer and visit lots and lots of random sites full of rubbish, so you don’t have to.

This strategy was mentioned in this UK COLUMN broadcast

Update for 1/12/16 – the inventor of the Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee has called this measure “A Security Nightmare” and The Register has weighed in too.

This is an email I sent my MP Alistair Burt back in March while this was still just under debate:

I am one of your constituents and I was also one of the organisers of the protest against ACTA back in 2012.

That vile treaty was defeated by massive coordinated action right across Europe.
Do you REALLY want to cement in place the infrastructure of a tyrannical police state Mr Burt? To be used by whoever manages to seize power? Kim Jong Un will be so envious!
Because this is exactly what putting into law the dirty tricks that the out of control and unaccountable spying agencies have already been using.
If you allow them these powers what do you think they will try to get away with next, under the cover of the gargantuan data flows coming to them?
The fuss between Apple and the FBI at the moment also illustrates the colossal commercial damage this will do to our Internet industry – people will not be able to trust any products that UK companies have any hand in for fear of back doors. Once a back door exists other dark actors will soon find ways of opening them – it is a path of true insanity so do not tread down it.
Needless to say that fell on deaf ears and we now have this very sorry state of affairs. Sign the petition, write to your MP and tell them what a grave mistake you think they have made. Give your full support to those within the Internet industry that refuse to cooperate with this attempt at tyranny.

This just out from swilliamism:

And here, if you need reminding, is the sort of turnout we had against ACTA in 2012

Needs to happen again and again.

Important Statement from the WhiteFlowers Campaign about CSA Enquiry

Received 21/11/16 Reproduced verbatim – this is crunch time for a charade.

See also this from the Independent – calls for Alexis Jay to be sacked.

Allowing the Home Office to conduct an enquiry into prominent paedophiles looks like it was never going to work.

Survivors and the Jay Inquiry

The withdrawal from the Jay Inquiry by Shirley Oaks Survivors’ Group represents the tip of the iceberg regarding survivors’ involvement with the shambolic Inquiry. Many Core Participant survivors, who had little reason prior to engagement by the Inquiry to have faith in the institutions of this country to deliver justice, placed their last ounce of faith in the Inquiry.

Significant numbers of child abuse survivors that have agreed to participate officially in the Inquiry are living on the breadline and still suffering the trauma and impact of the crimes done to them.  All inquiries by their nature carry uncertainties about outcomes. However, due to successive governments’ wilful refusal to appoint a leadership that has demonstrably shown an ability to cut through establishment interests and secure difficult truths, this inquiry is riddled with confusion and doubts about its abilities to deliver any productive outcomes whatsoever.

Survivors are constantly being manipulated by the Inquiry. professor Jay stated in September that no major changes in the Inquiry would occur without survivor Core Participants being consulted. However, whilst, as Core Participants, Jay has not consulted with us over the three months, she has proceeded to place a cap on the number of hearings, kicked the Janner hearings into the long grass (to the dismay of survivors) and is presumably preparing further announcements to once again present survivors with a fait accompli … failed process… failed outcomes.

Whiteflowers has constantly warned that whilst the Inquiry claims that “survivors are at the heart of the Inquiry”, the fact is that many feel totally marginalised and treated disrespectfully by its officials and processes. To counter this process, the Inquiry must begin to deal with survivors in the supportive manner that all people deserve when they are contributing freely to the process of government.

Whiteflowers has for two years seen the government appoint Chairs of the Inquiry supremely ill equipped to deal with the forensic and political nature of this inquiry into abuse and cover ups of abuse at the highest level of the establishment. Sadly, Professor Jay, has many demonstrable talents but none of which has been forensic or an ability to challenge those in the highest echelons of the establishment. Theresa May has continually avoided bringing in a legal representative with the skills and experience in these matters such as Michael Mansfield QC. The consequence has been one inappropriate appointment after another.

If Theresa May is serious about the Inquiry now she will go to Mansfield Chambers and offer him all the resources he needs to work alongside Jay and ensure the Inquiry not only stays on the road but is a resounding success.

Survivor’s representatives of Core Participants report a seething discontent with the Inquiry over its lack of material support and contemptuous manner of dealing with them. The representatives have a duty to protect their people from further harm and if they see the Inquiry further using survivors like PR tokens, to be played to please the media and public, then more will pull out.

The steps that May and the Inquiry must undertake to ensure maximum survivor confidence in the Inquiry and so save it from ruin are:

  • To bring in someone legally qualified who survivors can have confidence in e.g. Michael Mansfield QC with a forensic investigation team drawn from Police forces.
  • Remove the Home Office from being the sponsor and host of the Inquiry, and return its senior staff to their posts at the Home Office.
  • Fully Fund survivor Core Participation for all meetings with their legal representatives – this from the day that they are accepted as Core Participants
  • Fully fund legal representatives’ pre-hearings and hearings work
  • Guarantee access to counselling support for all survivors once they are accepted as Core Participants – from the pre-hearings to post-hearings stage.
  • Call an immediate conference with survivor core participants and their legal representatives to debate rather than announce a way forward.
  • Establish a clear fixed timetable of hearings
  • Whiteflowers and its supporters will be pressing these demands when they meet with the Inquiry at the end of the month.

This video made by survivors and their street art in Jamaica Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol says it all

114 Missing Files

The Whiteflowers campaign is one of many groups in the UK fighting against the organised paedophile rings that pervade the British establishment.

Today I got an email from them about a new song that has been released that they are hoping become the Christmas Number 1!, Well perhaps not but the flagrant and repeated attempts to cover up for the rich & powerful child molesters within the UK power system is just getting beyond tolerable!

Here is the song, called “114 Missing Files”

Please share it, tell your friends, get them to tell theirs. Let’s get some of those involved at the lower levels of this cover-up to turn against their criminal bosses.

Would’t it be great if the act of trying to cover these crimes up would in the end not be the thing that saves their necks but instead helps to condemn them?

Somebody must know where the files might be

I got involved with all this not because I am an abuse victim myself, but while at Occupy London I met Brian Clare, who was one of the children who claims he was raped by Leon Britian and others. When the Whiteflowers campaign wanted someone to broadcast the vigil outside the site of Elm Guest house.

I then went on to cover other events in Islington:

And at Westminster – The 3rd Whiteflowers event:

And the Big rally 11th April 2015 (Many survivors give testimony here):

And the CHRIS event outside downing street:

This is the one that contains that famous speech by the victim & campaigner Russel Burton. 2 versions of this exist on YouTube both with thousands of views, such is the power of direct broadcast alternative media!

This one just the speech:

And with added visual material for even greater effect:

Not forgetting Melanie Shaw who is another child abuse victim held as a political prisoner by our corrupt government.

If after all this you still think it is just people “making it all up” then you are the one who has the problem!

This is NOT just a UK problem either – it is rife in the corridors of power in many other countries too. Particularly the USA as we have found confirmation of from the Podesda email leaks:

My thoughts on the Trump victory

My it has been an interesting week in politics!

For months now there has been a huge amount of discussion about the US Presidential election in both the mainstream and alternative media.

I won’t bore you with a detailed analysis as I am sure most people are thoroughly sick of it by now. Like most people I thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Not because she was a ‘better’ candidate, but that the Mainstream media had waged a relentless campaign to both demonise Trump and distract from the very real problems with the choice of a Clinton as the only real alternative to him, problems now confirmed and magnified by the range of incriminating information about her now in the open thanks to Wikileaks. In the Alternative media there was also a degree of disagreement. Some commentators like Alex Jones came out very strongly for Trump, even having him as a guest on the much watched Infowars channel. Other parts of the Alternative media recoiled at Trumps lack of “Political Correctness” with assertions that minorities would suffer if Trump got into power.

Since Trump has got into power this dislike for him from certain quarters has lead to people who thought they were on the same side having significant falling out. Maybe this was the plan all along in fielding two ‘less than ideal’ candidates for the race for what is considered the most powerful job in the world. For instance the Angirifan blog is asserting that the election has been rigged for Trump (the opposite of what most people expected to happen) with the rationale that Trump is far more pro Zionist that Clinton, and it is the Zionists who really control what happens in Washington. This idea has some merit. Using electronic voting opens up more possibility for fraud than the old fashioned method.

What is important is to realise that there is a lot of disinformation flying about as once the truth starts to be known the only way to counter it is myriad half truths and lies to confuse us. An informational equivalent of the chaff that a fighter aircraft throws out to confuse a homing in missile.

Some things about these wretched people we know to be true because there is hard physical evidence, such as flight logs showing the Clintons flying out to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private “Orgy” island multiple times.. 

Thanks to the Wikileaks Podesta emails we finally also have tangible evidence of what many people (such as David Icke) have been alleging for years. That paedophilia and the associated satanism is rife within the Washington elite.

The big big question is this: Is Donald Trump implicated in the whole “Elite Paedophile” scene? He is somewhat of an outsider to the circles of political power so maybe not. If you do your own research. He also moved in the same circles as Epstein, but that in itself proves nothing.

He is a “Non PC” admitted womaniser but again that does not prove he has any desire to abuse and torture children.

Over the past few months I have seen conflicting opinions. Some commentators allege that Trump also has the same sort of connections with Epstein that Bill Clinton has, others have said that dragging Trump “into the swamp” is just a way to prevent him from any real action to “Drain the Swamp” as he promised to do in the campaign, without being too specific about the exact nature of that swamp. That cancer at the heart of government seems to be the same regardless of which side of the Atlantic you are. Here is one of my own broadcasts when I was invited to cover a survivors vigil at the site of the infamous Elm Guest House:

Of course the whole Epstein scandal also has links to powerful people in the UK too.

Donald Trump has a number of things going for him (in my opinion):

  • During his campaign at least, he was willing to appear on alternative media, not just using the increasingly discredited mainstream media as a mouthpiece.
  • He is on the record sceptical about New York 911 attacks, Vaccines & “Man Made” climate change.
  • He is outspoken with the appearance at least that his views are his own, not those of some focus group. His views may not suit everyone but that is par for the course in politics.

On the negative side:

  • Clear supporter of the deeply oppressive Zionist government of Israel
  • Outspoken willingness to use torture against enemies to gain information.
  • Issues with failing to pay taxes in the past mean he is compromised in trying to get global corporations to contribute their fair share to government spending.
  • His invest in infrastructure plan sounds good but USA is heading for $20 TRILLION in debt already. He needs to come clean that the whole current debt based monetary system is a failed idea.
  • And the big one.. IS he just part of the system, compromised by dark secrets so that those behind the scenes, what David Icke calls “The Hidden Hand”? If so they can control him just as easily as previous presidents. If this is the case this election is just the illusion of choice, no real choice at all.

As Alex Jones from, one of Trumps most vocal supporters in the Alternative Media has said. We must “Hold Trumps feet to the fire” to make sure he does not just turn out like his predecessor – cue the song 🙂

Please use the comments to discuss 🙂

UPDATE 14th November 2016

Many thanks to NRGTV last night for including my reading of this blog post in their Sunday night show. If you are the impatient type fast forward to 8:50 🙂

Also sadly the Donald Trump “honeymoon” period if there ever was one seems to have already ended. He is dragging his feet on the election promise to prosecute Hillary! Wavering at least – maybe just seeing how much more of the US public he can piss off to go with the George Soros paid opposition.

I will leave you for now with this great joke from Paul Craig Roberts. That long list is incomplete – misses the most unsavoury stuff altogether, but I suppose for a joke that is ok.

Occupy the London Stock Exchange – 5 years on

This coming weekend 15th October 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of Occupy London – one of many occupations started that day all around the world.

I was not one of the “Occupiers” but was a regular visitor to the camps.

There were two camps. The original one in front of the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral (one of the few truly “public” spaces in the otherwise surprisingly privately owned “Square Mile” of the City of London). Shortly after on 22nd October, a second, effectively dormitory camp was established in Finsbury Square in front of the Bloomberg building.

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Occupy – something I wrote back in 2011

This is something I wrote for publication in the FlossUK newsletter back in 2011. I though it worth repeating here for a wider audience 5 years on.




One of the many slogans that have come out of the Occupy movement that is sweeping the world. The situation with the Economy, Energy and the Environment is now getting so serious that increasing numbers of ordinary people have got ‘the wake up call’ and are now going beyond just taking one day a time with their heads down ‘acting normal’.

I am one of them. We have been sleepwalking for too long because our leaders keep downplaying the seriousness of the situation.

What they thought would just be the usual short lived demo has been gathering momentum for months now. On the weekend of 19th/20th November representatives of the now thirty occupations going on in the UK alone gathered in London to meet and plan. New occupations are springing up all the time all over the world including ones that the authorities had thought they had ‘dealt with’ such as Oakland.

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