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Broadcasts from London Climate Change Conference.

On a recent Richie Allen Show Piers Corbyn was one of the guests and mentioned that this important conference by the Independent Committee on Geoethics was going to be held on 8th and 9th of September. I asked via Twitter was anyone planning to stream the event  and Piers responded that I was welcome to come and do it. Armed with all my battery packs to enable a full day of broadcasting I set off for London and here are the broadcasts.

New Dawn of Truth London climate change conference
Conference graphic

What I have done is taken the programme for the day and made each section a clickable link to the relevant broadcast video. You can also go direct to my page on and view the videos for 8th/9th September directly if you would prefer. These do not benefit from the full programme titles however…

In each case the video will open in a new window at Please use the comment facility beside each video to exchange messages with other viewers…

First Day Thursday 8 September: Natural drivers of climate changes

08.50     Welcome and information     

Session 1: Influence of the Sun and the major planets on the Earth’s climate

09.00     Nils-Axel Mörner: An introduction to planetary-solar-terrestrial interaction

09.20     Roger Tattersall & Richard Salvador: Does solar system orbital motion and resonance synchronize solar variation, LOD and ENSO?

09.40     Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller: A new planetary temperature model and its implication for the Greenhouse theory

10.00     Discussion

10.30     Nicola Scafetta: Multi-frequency spectral coherence between planetary and global surface temperature oscillations

10.50     Jan-Erik Solheim: Ice margins, the Sun and the planets

11.10     Per Strandberg: Drivers of ENSO variability

11.30     Indrani Roy: An overview of Solar Influence on Climate

11.50     Discussion

12:0013.00: Lunch

Session 2: Ocean variability

13.00     Martin Hovland: Documented pH and temperature anomalies in the deep ocean *

13.20     Wyss Yim: Sub-aerial and submarine volcanic eruptions and climatic variability


Session 3: Natural influences on climate

13.40     Peter Ward: Ozone depletion, not greenhouse warming, caused recent warming *

14.00     Hans Jelbring: The dominant physical processes that cause climate change

14.20     Alex Pope: Ice on land

14.40     Discussion

Session “The CHIC project”

15.00   Fabio Pistella and Leonello Serva: The CHIC project of ICG

15.20     Discussion

15.40   Tea and coffee – broadcast is Piers Corbyn explaining his charts

16.00   General discussion and additional comments

Second Day Friday 10th September: The Temperature Plot and its Consequences

08.50 Welcome and information

Session 4: The greenhouse effect and anthropogenic global warming

09.00 Jan-Erik Solheim: Result of a greenhouse experiment &

09.20 Francois Gervais: Tiny CO2 warming challenged by Earth greening

09.40 Piers Corbyn: The total failure of the ManMade Climate Change story & & & – sorry transmission problems!

10.00 Discussion

10.10 Tea and coffee

10.30 Albrecht Glatzle: Reconsidering livestock’s role in climate change *

10.50 Pamela Klein: Is climate science serious?

11.10 Benoît Rittaud: Epistemology of Climate Change

11.30 Thomas Wysmuller: Sea-level rise and CO2

11.50 Discussion

12:00–13.00 Lunch

13.00 Maria Araujo: Sea level data in the Iberian Peninsula &

13.20 Nils-Axel Mörner: Modelled vs observed sea-level changes

13.40 Discussion

Session 5: Implications of the catastrophist anthropogenic global warming hypothesis

13.50 Madhav Khandekar: Climate change and extreme weather: projection, perception and reality *

14.10 Philip Foster: Good science and good scientific ethics go hand by hand

14.30 Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Genocidal climate science * WATCH THIS ONE A CHALLENGE IS ISSUED
Slides For Christoper Monckton’s talk –
important as there is a lot of maths on screen here! 
And the YouTube link


14.50 Discussion

15.10 Tea and coffee

Session 6: General discussion

15.30 General discussion, conclusions and communiqué &

17:00 End of Day-2 program, end of Conference


The whole days have now also been uploaded to Youtube (for those of you who have trouble watching the original videos).
Day 1

Day 2

Author: Martin Houston

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    1. The Sun is where almost all of our energy comes from one way or another. If Fossil Fuels are indeed the remains of animals & plants then they are just captured ancient sunlight.

      Using them is a balance of cost vs benefits.

      The benefits are energy (doh!) PLUS the release of much needed CO2 – the biosphere on the surface is running with a historically low CO2 concentration so could do with a little more, much of the ancient CO2 that was about is now trapped in rocks like Chalk and Limestone.

      The downsides are unwanted byproducts a.k.a. pollutants such as sulphur and nitrous oxides, these are less beneficial to the biosphere so if we are responsible we trap them for sticking back underground.

      The other downside is damage to the environment by attempts to extract hydrocarbons beyond the initial low hanging fruit. Insanity like Fracking and drilling in harsh conditions like the Arctic where even a small accident can become a disaster.

      These are aspects of hydrocarbon use that we need to carefully control NOT THAT IT MAKES CO2 FFS!!!!

      Solar/wind/tidal have far more potential going forward. Solar power spill? Its called a sunny day!

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