Welcome to Deluxe Technology

By Martin Houston.

First things first I am the only person posting to this blog. So even if an article (as opposed to a comment) does not say it is by me it probably is!

Busy with full time work again now so the rate of posts here will inevitably decrease as time gets squeezed.

Author: Martin Houston

This is my own little corner of the Internet. You will find a mixed bunch of stuff about Open Source (what I have done for a job for the last quarter of a century) and wider issues of what is wrong with the world. I am a freelancer so if you would like any software written (for money) get in touch!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Deluxe Technology”

  1. I tried to view one of your videos – http://bambuser.com/v/6448674 – but found that it did not work because a plugin is needed. The unspecified plugin is, I guess, Adobe Flash, which I uninstalled from my Windows computer a while ago after reading what seemed cogent advice to do so on account of Flash’s instability and vulnerability. Apparently YouTube started some years ago to use HTML5 instead, and I find no problem in seeing their videos. Many others are slow in changing, perhaps thinking it’s unnecessary or not being interested. What do you think about it?

    1. Yes Bambuser uses flash format – .flv files is what I download. I do put some important broadcasts up on YouTube also but that is time consuming. Ill see what I can do about automating access to the videos in a second format. You will loose the comments by the live viewers that often accompany the live broadcasts however..

    2. I have done a bit or research and it is possible to use the ffmpeg tool available under Linux to change flash .flv video files into .webm files that can be played directly by the Chrome browser. Only problem is it takes a LONG time – about 7 hours to process the 45 minute file I tested it on.

      The resulting file is smaller however:

      -rw-r—– 1 martin martin 316507007 Sep 28 10:39 t1.flv
      -rw-rw-r– 1 martin martin 93927168 Sep 28 17:04 t1.webm

      But sadly too large to upload here – I will do a shorter clip and make it available here to see if that works for people who cannot access the Bambuser original .flv files.

  2. Check out the Last day at Balcombe post – this is a quite large video originally uploaded to YouTube but converted to webm format and uploaded into an Amazon S3 bucket.

    When I get spare time I intend to go back through my 5 years of bambuser broadcasts and piece together the things that are worth sharing as end to end single files. That will also open this historic resource to people that have problems with the original flash format the videos were recorded in.

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